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OfflRouter Malware Evades Detection in Ukraine for Almost a Decade (Thu, 18 Apr 2024)
Select Ukrainian government networks have remained infected with a malware called OfflRouter since 2015. Cisco Talos said its findings are based on an analysis of over 100 confidential documents that were infected with the VBA macro virus and uploaded to the VirusTotal malware scanning platform. "The documents contained VBA code to drop and run an executable with the name 'ctrlpanel.exe,'"
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FIN7 Cybercrime Group Targeting U.S. Auto Industry with Carbanak Backdoor (Thu, 18 Apr 2024)
The infamous cybercrime syndicate known as FIN7 has been linked to a spear-phishing campaign targeting the U.S. automotive industry to deliver a known backdoor called Carbanak (aka Anunak). "FIN7 identified employees at the company who worked in the IT department and had higher levels of administrative rights," the BlackBerry research and intelligence team said in a new write-up. "They
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Recover from Ransomware in 5 Minutes—We will Teach You How! (Thu, 18 Apr 2024)
Super Low RPO with Continuous Data Protection:Dial Back to Just Seconds Before an Attack Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, can help you detect and recover from ransomware in near real-time. This solution leverages continuous data protection (CDP) to ensure all workloads have the lowest recovery point objective (RPO) possible. The most valuable thing about CDP is that it does not use
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New Android Trojan 'SoumniBot' Evades Detection with Clever Tricks (Thu, 18 Apr 2024)
A new Android trojan called SoumniBot has been detected in the wild targeting users in South Korea by leveraging weaknesses in the manifest extraction and parsing procedure. The malware is "notable for an unconventional approach to evading analysis and detection, namely obfuscation of the Android manifest," Kaspersky researcher Dmitry Kalinin said in a technical analysis.
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How to Conduct Advanced Static Analysis in a Malware Sandbox (Thu, 18 Apr 2024)
Sandboxes are synonymous with dynamic malware analysis. They help to execute malicious files in a safe virtual environment and observe their behavior. However, they also offer plenty of value in terms of static analysis. See these five scenarios where a sandbox can prove to be a useful tool in your investigations. Detecting Threats in PDFs PDF files are frequently exploited by threat actors to
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